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Company policy


  • the preferred and strategic supplier for our customers and
  • a company the employees like to work for and
  • our suppliers like to ship to.

The business success of the FRÖHLICH PLASTICS GROUP is based on

  • As a manufacturing group, we are aware of and concerned with our social and community responsibility;
  • We respect the basic principles of the quality, environment, safety and energy management system;
  • Our ambition is to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction;
  • We openly discuss quality and technical issues with our customers;
  • We support personal development, creativity and growth of our employees to ensure their competence, qualification and high motivation;
  • We apply advanced technical solutions;
  • We support continuous improvement and strategic partnerships within the customer-supplier chain.

The FRÖHLICH PLASTICS GROUP works to the following key principles:

  • code of conduct,
  • keeping to standards according to ISO TS 16 949, ISO 14 001,
  • keeping to standards according to ISO 50 001 (Germany plants only),
  • giving priority to failure prevention before failure detection (Zero Failure strategy),
  • elimination of the root causes of failure,
  • elimination of waste and loss,
  • continuous improvement of technology, business processes and systems on the basis of the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle,
  • goal-setting process for organizational units and key employees,
  • regular evaluation of key process indicators,
  • audits and reviews of the function of management systems,
  • commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and regulations for environmental protection and health and safety and
  • standardization according to lean production and 5S methodic.