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Bad Lauterberg im Harz

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Not only do guests find tranquility and rest in our modern, state-acknowledged spa and a place for their holiday, but we also strive to make our town attractive particularly for our inhabitants as well.

The activity of Spa Bad Lauterberg in Harz started in a hydropathic home in 1839.

The spa has become the most significant spa in North Germany due to the consistent development of spa facilities by spa enterprises and additional facilities of the town. In our town, it is possible to take full use of the spa services all year round.

Schroth, a type of treatment named after doctor Johann Schroth, became a great success when it was implemented in Bad Lauterberg in Harz in 1982.

The surroundings of the town are very charming. The Oder Dam is 5 km long and it offers all possibilities of water sports. The dam is a paradise for fishermen and thanks to its boat harbour it is also a meeting place for people who like camping, sailing and windsurfing.

There is also the pond of Wiesenbeker, a mountain lake with a camp and a suitable place for bathing.

A nature trail through forests was opened for visitors on the Kirchberg Hill as another leisure time facility, as well as the former mine of Aufrichtigkeit/Scholmzeche close to the medical park. Benches, places for barbecue, cabins, places to have a rest and wading pools along the footpath invite to stop by. The lookout tower of Bismarckturm on the Kummel hill, the hill of Hausberg, the ruin of the Scharzfel castle, the Unicorn Cave or Lutter Valley are attractive destinations for trips. In winter there are various possibilities for winter sports, which enrich the existing offer of past-time activities even more.

A library, reading room, writing room, rooms for gymnastics, training and sport are available for the guests of Bad Lauterberg in its guest house which is located in the spa park.

The center of the town houses other treasures of our town: the National History Museum, the German Museum about diabetes on the Kirchberg hill, and the Museum about metalwork.

The VITAMAR Spa in Bad Lauterberg in Harz is intended for leisure-time experiences and rest. They offer to their grown-up and small guests many water attractions: besides waves which are almost as high as in the sea and a 100-meter long slide, it also offers a large water park with wild waterway, whirlpool, Roman steam bath, wide water slide, and an outside swimming pool open all year round. Small swimmers can enjoy a Small Children’s World where the temperature of water reaches 33 °C and where they can play with various toys.

Transportation connections

Bad Lauterberg in Harz is situated directly on federal highways B 27 and B 243. A new traffic detour B 243 was constructed for the village parts Barbis a Osterhagen in September 2014 to improve local road traffic. This road is part of a direct connection which is being built in the direction Nordhausen, and later also to highway A 38.

The nearest train station: stop Barbis (approximately 5 km from the town centre)

The nearest airport: Hannover (approximately 100 km)


Tourism is of course the strongest economic branch in Bad Lauterberg in Harz. The town offers almost 4 000 beds for guests. The shopping area of „Boulevard Bad Lauterberg“ is another advantage. The town centre offers many retail stores with a wide-range offer. In addition, several larger companies which are engaged in production industry have been established in Bad Lauterberg and they offer job opportunities for local inhabitants in another branch than in tourism.