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For several years now, the town of Pisek has enjoyed one of the top positions in a ranking survey which evaluates the quality of life in Czech towns. Pisek is also strong in secondary education, moreover there are also many higher diploma schools and colleges in Pisek. There is also one of the biggest industrial zones in the region. It is possible to use urban transportation in the town. Another advantage of the town involves its good location, nearly halfway between Prague and Ceske Budejovice. Both of these cities offer university level education. The School of Economics at the University of South Bohemia has chosen the Commercial Academy in Pisek as its faculty high school.

There is beautiful nature in the surroundings of Pisek which you can admire for example from the nearby view-tower Jarnik. The area around Pisek also offers many cultural monuments. The town itself offers various free-time acitivities both for children and adults ranging from martial arts to a chess club. It also makes other facilities available for public, such as a cinema, theatre and also many clubs where various concerts or other events take place. Cultural life is very rich in Pisek.

Our company Kunststoff- Fröhlich is situated in the industrial zone which was mentioned above. The company has a very good transportation accessibility thanks to its location. We are a medium-sized family enterprise which specializes in injection moulding of plastic materials and the manufacturing of high quality complex products and systems. The employees have a possibility to improve their German and English language competencies. They also have a possibility to improve their knowledge in the field thanks to various seminars, and last but not least, they have many other benefits.