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Energy management

All activities of our company which are connected with the development, production, and sale of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the consumption of energy and resources.

Natural resources are restricted and we want to handle them sparingly and efficiently.

It is for this reason that the top management of the FPG / KUNSTSTOFF-FRÖHLICH GMBH has decided to introduce and strengthen the continuous process to reduce energy consumption and the usage of resources.

The implemented energy management system is based upon the requirements DIN EN ISO 50001. The Energy management is a part of the whole company management which is engaged in a special organizational structure and its justification in connection with the important activities concerning energy. With the establishment of the Energy management we have met the request of considerable amount of interesting groups and the increasing requirements of the company to use energy efficiently.

We therefore strive to set up energy-saving technologies in our production processes. By way of constant supervision and control we try to have all participants meet these goals as well.

Nevertheless, we understand the Energy management as the possibility to continuous improvement of our efforts which are focused on the environment.

Regarding this mission we are convinced that the needs of economy and ecology can become concordant, for example by way of decreasing resource consumption.

Certificate 2017-12-30

Certificate 2020-12-29