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Environmental Management

Aside from the already implemented quality control system, the company has decided on the implementation an environmental protection control system concordant to the international ISO 14001 standard.

By the implementation, systematic inspection, and continuous improvement of the environmental protection control system, which covers all of our production and business activities, we strive to permanently improve environmental protection.

As a manufacturer of plastic structural components, FPG makes an important contribution to reducing vehicle weight, thus reducing the specific fuel consumption for the end customer. All of our manufactured products can be recycled.

When manufacturing plastic components using the injection moulding process, FPG places great emphasis on attaining a high degree of efficiency in the entire value creation process. Thanks to the continuously improving technical equipment, we succeed in permanent cost reduction of operations which do not create value, and therefore we guarantee the sound management of all resources.

The documented environmental protection control system according to ISO 14001 supports us in the implementation of this environmental policy, in the realisation of our environmentally focused objectives, and ensures that our company complies with all applicable legal obligations.

At the same time, it is important for us that all personnel are concerned with the environmental aspects of their actions and that they identify themselves with this environmental policy.

From our suppliers and service providers we expect similar engagement in asserting the environmental protection aspects and continuous sustainable treatment of the resources throughout the entire supply chain.

Certificate ISO 14001_2004

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